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Ancient Greek Coins are incredible Miniature Works of Art.

I love Ancient Greek coins more than any other series. They are fascinating, intriguing, wonderful, miniature works of art.

How the dies were made in order to strike such coins is still unknown.

We can only guess but when you look at the intricate details you cannot help but wonder how the Celetor was able to cut the dies without the aids of enlargement we have today as well as all the fine hardened tools to do such intricate work.

It is quite easy to be transformed to another time while examining these little masterpieces.

The ancient Greeks during their height of power exerted influence over a vast area from as far away as India and possibly southern China. This influence was so great that even after the Romans conquered the Greeks the Romans continued to issue coins in these areas and used Greek writing on their coins.

If you can think of a something beautiful, then it was likely on a Greek Coin at some time in history. Various motif will be common throughout particular areas or regions which helps in identification of the hundreds of thousands of designs.

These coins come in a variety of metals,such as gold, silver and bronze,and amalgam in many different sizes as well as price ranges.

There are many affordable beautiful coins but like all special art work, if it is really nice you must pay for it.

It is quite remarkable that some ancient Greek coins have survived between 2000 and 2500 years and have not lost their beauty and anyone can own one or more of these special pieces. You can become the next curator in the long history of something wonderful. I can only hope that you can enjoy them as much as I do.

Below is a Siclo Punic coin of Melqut driving a quadriga being crowed victorious by victory.

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