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Coin Jewellery is an Interesting Side of Coin Appreciation

Coin Jewellery is a way to show others that you feel coins are something special.

Coins have been made into jewellery for over two thousand of years.

The range of products is limited only by your imagination.

There are watches, rings, ear rings, bracelets, waist chains, neck adornments and belt buckles to name a few.

All across the Middle East are belly chains made by connecting various coins together.

They are very popular as well as for non Middle Eastern belly dancers and the older the belt the older the coins and the more interesting the history of the piece.

Coin bezels are great to encompass a special love token or other special coin that you would like to wear. The coin bezels are certainly preferable to solder.

Love tokens as a form of coin jewellery were made from just about any coin usually with one side rubbed smooth and with a message or initials engraved on the smooth side.

Depending on the size of the host coin they were meant to be worn on a chain or had a pin soldered to the opposite side.You should also know that a lot of the jewellery containing ancient coins utilizes fake or copies of real coins.

If you don’t know the difference between real and fake remember the old axiom that says if it is” too good a deal it is certainly not real”.

There would be no reason to discount a coin encased properly in anything unless it has been damaged in mounting it.

So enjoy your coins and find something already mounted to wear or have a custom jeweller mount something special for you.

We also stock a good range of non coin ancient jewellery.

These rings mostly made from bronze were made between the 1st and 5th centuries have been found in the Middle East and can be found in our store.

We do have ancient Gold and Silver rings from the same time but they are more expensive and much more rare.

If you love jewellery look through the supply of Greek Silver coins with a female on the obverse and see the lovely ear rings they wore at that time in history.

These coins are popular so looking in the sold coins as well would perhaps give you some ideas.

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