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Michael Moriarty, ConsultantMy dad was interested in collecting coins and also had a vending machine business. As an encouragement to wrap the various bags of coins into rolls, he would give me the odd coins (often foreign) for this service. His business also allowed me to sort through many thousands of coins, often finding old coins (some 50+ years old) and keeping the silver coins as they were replaced. In a similar way my interest in coins has resulted in my wife Ellen, also a history buff liking them as well.I started collecting the usual sets of US coins. After finishing most sets, I found an interest in US Large Cents. In the end, I collected more than 2,500 different varieties of Large Cents and sharpened my coin collecting skills. I also found that US coins were not varied enough to keep my interest and it soon expanded into other areas. Liking art, history, and a challenge, Ancient Coins struck me as having enough different styles and varieties to keep me interested and have, to this day.I had my first dealer's table at the Pen Ohio coin show in 1965 and my last in Germany in 2010 I have had coin shops in Ohio, Florida, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory of Australia. Now I am involved as a consultant with my wife Ellen in our online shop www.TopCoins.com located in Darwin, NT, Australia.

I finished my Bachelor's degree and became a Registered Nurse along with my wife Ellen in 1993 while still doing coin auction lots. Feeling that collectors needed a better way to purchase coins in the privacy of their own homes, this website was born. I have been trying to get a sustainable web-based business up and running to meet this perceived need. This is it!You will know that you are well hooked when you can never have enough books on coins or the coins themselves. In the ’70s and early ’80s, I attended several counterfeit detection seminars through the A.N.A. and I also became very interested in counterfeit coin detection and even did a consultation for the UN police counterfeit unit. I hope that you grow to enjoy the collecting of coins as much as I do. If you think that we might be able to serve you. We have purchased and sold singular coins from one to one hundred and ten thousand dollars and traveled to and bid on coins after inspection for clients in auctions all over the world. Please email us with your requirements.

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