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World Coins Cover Everywhere Coins Are Used

World Coins is a general catch all for all the types of coins from all over the world.

This topic could be greatly enhanced by including all types of money used around the world.

As an example some readily traded items with a known value trade just like coins.

of these would be Yaps, stone money, and bore tusks from New Guinea.

Gambling tokes and or chips would also fall into this unusual class of coins.

There are also porcelain and glass gambling tokens and Each of these may form a collection of their own.

One of the more interesting aspects of world coins is the way many commonly circulated coins have been utilised by punching, cutting,

or just plain counter stamping to give them value in a new part of the world.

Many of these common coins counter stamped or punched are some of the rarest most collectable coins in the world all by the addition of a little added something.

Unfortunately the unsavoury side of the world also have figured this out and counterfeit counter stamps are showing up all too regularly.

Spanish coins are a special interest because they fit so nicely into the above category.

Not to mention the huge numbers of coins lost to the seas which come to light from time to time evoking thoughts of pirates and incredible adventures.

These adventures are both in the past and present because the finding and salvage of these items is often an incredible journey in itself.

The amount of material discovered also helps to offset the huge salvage costs and often the legal costs to retain ownership.

However the salver does not always get to keep his find and the lawyers get richer while the common man awaits seeing the find.

Unfortunately even the countries that win do not usually have the Numismatic resources to properly conserve identify and exhibit there winnings.

Many of these coins have interesting histories and stories far too numerous to list here but I will try and cover some of the major more interesting areas in the individual sub pages attached to this section as I am able to find time.

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