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Coin Collecting for Kids

Coin collecting for kids is so important because kids are our future and the future of Numismatics and coin collecting.

It is so easy today for kids to become involved in so many things which will do nothing to improve their minds or their negotiating skills.

Very few kids today even have a collection of any kind and when they do it is because their friends do and it usually involves something free found inside other packaging.

A coin collection can grow with the collector as well as help develop his/her mind and it is also something of value or worth.

There are few hobbies we are able to look back on and remember where we got this or that from which is not so with coins.

Every coin has a history and a story to tell.Bulk foreign coins are a great starter because you can wet an appetite for their study in so many different ways.

Collecting coins of different metals and yes you can even get a real gold farnam from India for about 15 to 20 dollars.

It is small but it will give them something to boast about.

They can collect for a theme like animals or famous people or important buildings or just one of every country which would be a real challenge because so many countries have come and gone.

The web has made coin collecting for kids so much easier then when I was a boy.Please encourage this coin collecting for kids program and encourage them to take up coin collecting in hopes that some may go on to really enjoy studying the history and times when their coins were in use.

It is a hobby that gives back as much as you put in to it.

You will be surprised at how little genuine ancient coins can be purchased for and these coins if conserved properly will be future treasures.

There is a program called Ancient Coins for Education or, ACE that has a whole learning course available on the internet for schools. I am attaching the web address here. http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/

This is the best of the best and it is free!

If you are a young coin collector write to me and tell me why you would like a free coin and we will see if we are able to get you started with a genuine and free ancient coin to clean and conserve for future generations of collectors.

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