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Coin Collector Supplies

What is meant by the term coin collector supplies?

Coin Collector Supplies encompass all materials a person would possibly use to identify, care for, store, or display their coins.

First we have books. The old saying buy the book before the coin is a good axiom. With the collecting of coins you can never have too much knowledge. There are good general price and value guides for modern coins. That generally means coins back to 1600. There are specific specialist books about modern coins and older more historical coins. There are on line chat groups about all aspects of collecting for any period of time in which to gain further information.There are instructions on cleaning coins, chemicals to clean coins, chemicals to protect coins. There is another great axiom and that is to never clean a coin. Unless you are very skilled at cleaning coins DO NOT! It is far easier to permanently damage a coin while trying to clean it then most people imagine. This is because most people are trying to clean coins that are modern, less than 400 years old. Cleaning coins can be done but it is not fast. Fast is always destructive! Instead take the view that you want to conserve your coins and then look for the best slow, careful way.

There are various magnifiers and scales that are, hand held, on stand and electronic. There are also mechanical and electronic calipers to measure the diameters.For storing your coins there are envelopes, flips, albums, and trays. There are also plastic displays to permanently hold and display your special items.

To store your information on your coins there are various types of software developed specifically for different needs of collectors.

There are various folders (not recommended) and albums to house your collection. There are also some excellent display trays if you want to enjoy the look and feel of your collection.

If there is anything in supplies that you would need that is not listed here please drop me an email and chances are I will have it or know where to get it

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