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Determining Value Of A Coin Or Coins

In determining value of any coin there are many factors which provide a clue as to the value.

First is the condition or grade of a coin.

Next is the type of metal. If it is copper or aluminium it is not likely to be scarce or valuable but there are other factors which still matter


Was it a coin struck for general circulation? A coin made to be spent.

Is it rare? How many were made and where was it made?

Is there some really great historical event associated with the issue of the coin? Is it something someone would want just to be a part of history?

Is it a coin you picked up on the ground just after you met the lady you married? You have carried this coin 37 years and it means a great deal to you believing it has brought you luck.Is this coin a popular issue freely available or just withdrawn after 20 years of production?

Is there some reason others would want to collect this type of coin?

Is the coin real or a copy made by someone for some promotion at some time even a hundred or more years ago?

These questions are what a Numismatist knows how to explain. It is impossible to teach or learn all of the answers to these questions without some serious study but there are some guide books to give anyone a general idea.The problem however, because of a lack of knowledge and experience, is that everyone thinks they have the coin valued at the top price in a guide book, which was the way it came from the coining press on the day it was made, when in fact it is nothing like that and after a harsh cleaning is usually worthless to any collector.

All of these are factors assist in determining value of a coin or what a coin worth is to a collector.

A coin containing a precious metal will have a bullion value as long as it is identifiable.

What is the best way of determining value of a coin or coins? Take them to your local Coin Dealer or Numismatist.

Are they going to pay you the top price even if you have a coin in a presentation box saved from the day the coin was minted?

NO, they must on sell that item for a profit in order to buy the books, pay the rent and put the kids in school.

They will pay you what they fairly can in order to stay in business.

Are they honest?

If they were not they would soon be out of business so if they have been around a while you know that you will be treated fairly as a seller or buyer.

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