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Coin Shows and Coin Stores

Coin Shows are where dealers of coins and bullion come together in a public place to sell their goods.

The dealers may be bricks and mortar dealers or with a retail display space or dealers who are only able to peruse this line of work in conjunction with some other form of employment.

When they do not have a table at the show they are called "vest pocket dealers" meaning that they are dealing from their pockets not stock tabled for all to see.

The risk of dealing with these folks who certainly have some bargains as they do not have any overhead is that very often they are selling stolen or counterfeit property which you should not want in any case.

They also are likely not to be found again when you find that you have a problem with your purchase.

The dealers at a coin show will purchase coins and bullion and will have it for sale.

They take great risk to travel and put on a display and hope to buy and sell enough to make all this risk worthwhile.

There is often security at the show but there is great vulnerability in traveling between the show and a secure office space for them.These shows are great places to really learn about coins because you can see and compare one or many coins in your mind with others simular and determine which the better purchase is.

You also can find out which dealers are approachable and which given the choice you would prefer not to do business with.

You can also learn by observation a great deal about coin grading again by comparing one item against another usually within a few feet, one dealers table to another.

There are shows every weekend somewhere if you are prepared to drive a little.

For an events calendar in the USA you can go to

www.coinworld.com/marketplace/showcalendar.aspx .

For a coin show calendar for central Europe you can contact Money Trend magazine a German publication, web site but no calendar up as yet 10/04/10.

And the World Money Fair in Berlin,

www.Numismata.de runs large shows in Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna well worth attending if in the area.

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