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Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are coins that hold collector interest.

It is taken the from Latin, Numisma, meaning coins and from the Greeks meaning to use according to law.

These coins are worth more than the bullion value of the base coin blank.

They hold what is called intrinsic value.

They will make up a piece of either a type set or be part of a date, mintmark series collection or they could be related to a historical event or a theme collection collected by many people.

Often they will have special significance to a place, region, or even ideal.

These coins do not have to be rare but some certainly are and many have a pedigree of well known Numismatists who also owned or cared for this particular piece for a period in time.

A numismatist is a person that has an interest in and studies coins, their history, production, circulation and use.

A numismatist writes research papers on various aspects of coins from the various die states of a known coin, to the location and content of a find of coins.

He or she may also write articles on why coins should be collectable by everyone instead of locked away somewhere out of sight which is what the anti collecting lobby would like to see.

With the museums holding many hundreds of thousands coins with little money or resources for conversation, many of the coins conserved in this manor in the basements or storage warehouses or museums are eventually stolen and or melted as bullion with their history and connections to other coins are being lost.

A Numismatist is a person who really cares about and for coins from the find or manufacturing via one of many methods, to how many were made, issues with production, laws at the time, political and economic climate right through distribution and circulation.

The study of numismatic coins encompasses all of the above.

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