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Our Index, Home Page, helps you see why Coins are so Interesting and Collectable

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From our index you can see why a single item or group of coins are valuable to someone but may not be valuable to everyone.

Learn how to see what the value is in your collection.

See how bullion value affects some items and has no effect on others.

See why being rare does not mean valuable.

Look at ways to organize your collection.

Find Research books and displays.

Learn how to clean and protect your collection.

From our index, learn what a Numismatist is and does and what the descriptions given mean.

Share your favorite find and its history with others in our special section and learn from and comment on other prize finds.

As an example from our index you can see this coin of Thrace Island of Thasos was created and minted about 148 BC. Please look at the beautiful hair style including flowers. On the reverse we have Hercules not the image we think of today. See our Greek section.

This unit of monetary exchange often illustrates great beauty and shows us images done with magnificent style. They were made with crude production equipment and yet life like images have been transferred to the planchets surface. From our home page you can travel through time and see what was important to the people at a point in history as defined by the item in your hand. These were the newspaper of the ruling governments and often used as propaganda to blindly mislead its people.

Use the index below to look at the various pages we have written to assist you to learn and enjoy coin collecting.

Index, (Home Page) our introduction to coins.

Site Map Site Map shows descriptions of pages in my site.

TopCoins web blog!Valuable coins, ancient coins, Bullion coins, Coin collectors supplies, coin collecting terms, American coins, Canadian coins, determining value, world coins.

Ancient coins, what are they?Are ancient coins more than 50 years old?

What are bullion coins?What gives bullion coins their value?

Coin Collecting terms. Coin collecting terms and what they mean. Some with illustrations.

Coin Collector Supplies.Coin collector supplies encompass all materials a person would possibly use to identify, care for, store, or display their coins.

Facts about American Coins,What coins were the first American coins? The earliest coins in circulation prior to 1792 were....

Australian coins have an unusual history.A short history of the Australian Coins and their development activities.

Some information on Canadian Coins.Before 1858 truly Canadian Coins did not exist.

What are European coins?European coins cover all the provinces, city states, municipalities, sovereign states,federations, and nations which make up the area which we call Europe.

Determining value of a coin or coins.In determining value of any coin there are many factors which provide a clue as to the value.

Why are world coins interesting?One of the more interesting aspects of world coins is the way many commonly circulated coins have been utilized by punching, cutting, or just plain counter stamping to give them value in a new part of

Coin jewellery is an interesting side of coin appreciation.coin jewellery, coin ring, coin bezels, ancient jewellery

Currency is usually the one thing we never have enough of.Currency is interesting because it usually gives a pictorial insight into a country its economy and its people.

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links Links

Our Store where you may find a selection of coins for sale or research.

Privacy Policy for www.topcoins.com .How your collected information is used by our system.

Ancient Greek Coins are incredible miniature works of art.I love Ancient Greek coins more than any other series.

What is a British sovereign?A British Sovereign is a gold coin manufactured under British Authority.

My guide to Cleaning Coins.Detailed instructions for cleaning coins that are truly old.

Coin Appraisal A coin appraisal is usually only conducted on genuine , relevant mint produced coins.

Coin collecting for kids. Coin collecting for kids is so important because kids are our future and the future of Numismatics and coin collecting.


Coin Grading or Grading Coins.Coin Grading was meant to be a purpose to compare coins and establish value due to wear.

Coin shows and Coin stores.Coin Shows are where dealers of coins and bullion come together in a public place to sell their goods.

Error Coins. Error coins are not to be confused with coin die varieties.

Gold Bullion Coins. Gold Bullion Coins make up the majority of the bullion coin business sales.

What is a gold investment? Really a gold investment is many things.

The History of Coins.The history of coins begins somewhere between Ephesus Lydia and the Aegina Island.

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