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Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins make up the majority of the bullion coin business sales. Gold coins which are traded near the bullion price are considered in the term of bullion coins along with the coins which are or were manufactured to be traded as bullion.

Many countries produce coins which are to be traded as bullion.

South Africa produces the Krugerrand in one tenth ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce and the one oz with a measured content of gold but at .917 fine and weighing in at 33.93 gms for the one ounce coin. These coins weigh more than one troy ounce or their stated gold weight because they also have some copper in the coin in order to give it some hardness and durability.

Pure gold or 24 kt gold is very soft and marks very easily.

The US started to copy this format of bullion coins with the issue of the American Eagle gold bullion coins in the same 4 sizes as the South Africans and at the same gold fineness in 1986.

The first pure gold or 24 kt gold one ounce coins produced in the USA are the American Buffalo series. These coins are produced in a design similar to the discontinued Buffalo nickel series except in pure gold. They also are producing the first lady set in 24 kt gold as a half ounce piece.

The American Double Eagle or $20 dollar gold piece started commercial production in 1850. It was minted in .900 gold and contains copper to harden the coin for circulation and use. The weight of the coin is 33.436 gms and contains .9675 ounce of pure gold and was produced until 1907.

It was superseded by the Saint Gaudens type containing the same weight and fineness of gold of the original double eagle and was commercially manufactured until 1932. The common dates in these series trade at a slight premium to the bullion price of gold.

In 1979 Canada started production of its bullion coin the Maple Leaf series in simular sizes to South Africa and later on added smaller sizes of 1/20 of an ounce. All manufactured in 24 kt or .999 fine gold.

China produces the Panda series in simular sizes except it also has a 5 oz and 12 oz production Panda as well. These are manufactured in 24 kt or .999 fine gold. There are also the lunar series again same gold content and same sizes available.Australia started producing its Nugget series in 1986 and its Kangaroo series in 1989. These coins are 24 kt. Or .999 fine gold in sizes from 1/10 to 2 oz troy.

Previously it produced its Sovereign as its one pound Stirling bullion coin.

The coins listed above are the most commonly traded of the gold bullion coins. There are others but the premiums that your will pay over bullion continue to rise as you get further away from the commonly traded items listed here.

If you are looking to purchase gold bullion coins of the same weight just compare the production cost plus dealer commission to determine the best buy at any given time as the bullion price and total add on price for manufacture and commission will vary from one countries gold to another’s.

Also always take delivery and arrange safe storage of your purchases yourself.

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