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How Are Silver Proof Sets Valued

Silver proof sets are beautiful but usually not valuable.

Many people purchase these from beautifully produced brochures or sales promotions often with production limits supposedly to create collect ability.

Unfortunately to be valuable they must have something that gives them value.

In the market place what gives them value is first the bullion value and then collect ability if any.

Presentation boxes no matter how beautiful add nothing to the value if the coins lack real collector interest.

Lacking collector interest these silver coin sets are just gorgeous bullion.

Fortunately most of these are made by the Franklin Mint or a similar private mint and are produced to raise revenue for developing countries as well as the mint itself. They also produce these coins to a high standard with ultra modern machinery which is recognised and it makes it easier for them to sell with the premiums they get.Unfortunately they usually have a fairly high cost over the bullion value when issued.

This usually means that when sold they will bring less than they cost because they are worth only their bullion value and the commission charged by the on-selling dealer.

These coins are worth their bullion value and approximately 7 to 10 percent more to purchase and bullion value to maybe 2 percent over to sell.

To determine the bullion values add the total weights if all are the same fineness. Then multiply by the spot price of silver if they are pure silver.As an example total weight of the coins in the set weigh 3.75 troy ounces with a fineness of .999,

spot silver say $18.00 per troy ounce.

3.75 oz times $18.00 equals $67.50

the bullion value plus 2% equals $68.85 to sell,

and $ 74.25 to purchase.

Percentages may vary depending on the market risk felt for the dealer but the bullion price you can always figure out.

So now you know how silver proof sets are valued.

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