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What are Junk Silver Coins

Junk Silver coins are silver coins which because of condition, manufacturing quantity, or lack of numismatic interest, command nothing more then the bullion price of silver and a small percentage handling fee.

These coins are sold by weight because their value is only in the silver content of the coins.

They do not have and they are not likely to have any collector value because other coins are available in likely better condition.

There are exceptions to this in that places like the Franklin Mint have manufactured silver coins for many years and for many countries. These coins are beautiful but not worth more to anyone than the bullion or melt value and a small handling premium.

Yes even with the presentation box. There are a great many of these beautiful coins which have no collector value and thus are just bullion silver coins.

When you purchase these they will be sold as a lot of 500 fine, (50% silver), 800 fine (80% silver), 900 fine, (90%) silver or .925 British or Canadian silver or sterling silver. With the actual silver weight contained, calculated for you. They can be purchased as a silver weight amount or in the case of US, British, Canadian or Australian coins a face value amount.

There is one US coin which was made as a silver trade item for the far East which has a value well over its silver value today because of its intrinsic value and that is the US Trade dollar.

The price that you pay for junk silver coins is the troy weight times the per troy ounce price plus the handling fee or dealers commission.

No you cannot pay with a credit card unless you want to add 3 % to the commission to the dealer. Dealers work on very small margins.

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